Lylia Drici

Bio:I am currently a PhD student at Southern University of Denmark under the supervision of Pr Martin Røssel LARSEN. My research focus on the development and optimization of a multidimensional enrichment strategy for multiple PTMs as well as a strategy for quantitation of sialylated and neutral glycan structures in order to identify tumour associated glycoproteins carrying tumour-associated glyco-antigens candidates by screening plasma from Gatric Cancer patients.
I graduated from University of Science and Technology of Lille (France), where I did both my bachelor and master degrees. I have a Bachelor degree in genomic and proteomic, and a Master degree in biology and biotechnology focused on mass spectrometry. During my master studies, I did 2 internships. The first one at the microbiology research unit of Rouen University (France) dealt with the proteomic characterization of Pseudomonas from different environmental niches. The aim of this study was to identify potential virulence factors of Pseudomonas under stress conditions and at different physiological states. The second master project was at the University Of Southern Denmark in Odense where I worked with glioblastoma cell line. The main Objective was to identify protein and PTMs which are regulated during glioblastoma cell migration and invasion.
Phone:+45 6550 1000
Fax:+45 6550 1090
Address:University Of Southern Denmark
Campusvej, 55
Odense , 5230
DK - Denmark

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