Davide Alocci

Bio:I'am an italian guy with a master degree in Computer Engineering ai the University of Siena.

For my master these i had the opportunity to stay for one year in the Structural Biology Laboratory of the University of Siena,
I found Bioinformatics a very interesting research activity that I would like for my postLaurea training.

During this stage, I improved my biological skill, in particular on protein structure, realising how a computer engineer like me can give important contributions to this research field.

I learned how to use some software for Structural Bioinformatics like Pymol or Gromacs and got familiar with several online tools. My training in Computer Science, has helped a lot the Structural Biology Laboratory in their advanced analysis on protein structures.

During my Master degree, after a course on Bioinformatics, I had the chance to work with DNA sequences. I have made a compressor for E. Coli genome and I have created a framework to analyze Human genome sequences in order to find some genes involved in
Poland and Rett syndrome.

Address:Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
SIB | Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
CMU - 1, rue Michel Servet - 1211 Geneva 4
CH - Switzerland

Last update: Friday, November 1, 2013
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