Barbara Adamczyk

Bio:Barbara Adamczyk graduated with a degree in Biotechnology from the Poznan University of Life Sciences in 2009. She completed an MSc thesis with Prof. Jaruzelska in the Laboratory of Developmental Genetics at the Institute of Human Genetics, Poznan, Poland. The aim of the study was to screen for mutations in a highly conserved VASA gene among infertile men to evaluate significance of VASA alterations for male infertility. During her studies she spent 6 months on Socrates fellowship in Spain collaborating with research group at the University and developing interests of molecular biology. After graduating she started to work at the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) in Dublin under the supervision of Prof. Pauline Rudd. In the framework of EuroGlycoArrays network, she has been involved in number of research projects with special emphasis placed on the development of robust glycotechnology for quantitative, detailed structural N-glycan analysis applicable to the biopharmaceutical industry and basic research. In October 2013 she joined Niclas’s Karlsson group at the University of Gothenburg as a part of GastricGlycoExplorer network. Her current research is focused on structural determination and quantification of O-linked glycans and understanding glycosylation changes in gastric cancer using MS/MS techniques.
Phone:+46 31 7866529
Address:University of Gothenburg
Medicinaregatan 9A
SE - Sweden

Last update: Friday, November 1, 2013
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