Stefan Mereiter

Bio:My scientific career started roughly seven years ago when I entered the University of Vienna to study biology. Soon I decided to specialize on molecular biology, since it combined my two biggest interests, chemistry and biology, and enabled to experience a till then unimaginable fascinating world of cellular processes. I managed to finish my bachelor in minimum time and pursued on the University of Vienna masters in molecular biology with specialization in biochemistry from which I graduated November 2013 with excellent grades only. During my master studies, I was selected to participate in a one year laboratory exchange programme for graduate students, which granted me the experience of performing research in one of Japan’s most renowned universities, the Tohoku University. Eventually me and my Japanese colleagues were able to publish our findings in a scientific journal with me as second author.
After returning to Vienna I was eager to finish my masters and started my master thesis under supervision of Professor Iain Wilson of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences. It was then when I first encountered with the magnificent world of glycobiology and realized that these glycan modifications, of which existence I was of course aware before, are generally extremely underestimated in their biological importance. I learned fundamental skills and techniques of glycobiological research and got deeper insights into this field. The crowning achievement was that I could participate in the 22nd International Glycoconjugate Symposium in Dalian, where besides getting to know many of the reputable glycobiologists and learning about newest glycobiological findings, I got the invaluable chance to present my own poster. These formative experiences convinced me to continue my career in this scientific field.
Address:Institute of Molecular Pathology and Immunology, University of Porto
PT - Portugal

Last update: Friday, November 1, 2013
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