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GastricGlycoExplorer aims to provide a contribution to society by 1) Establishing a glycobioinformatic platform with glycobiological profiles and clues to gastric cancer
2) Administer a first class, dynamic training programme for early career researchers who will be the next generation scientists and provide the future society with important biological findings for large life science questions

The objectives include:

  • To attract the best European early career researchers by providing carefully designed and integrated research projects and structured training delivered by the highest-quality European scientists
  • To provide four cornerstones of resources providing efficient training by partners with:
    • Relevant biological models and clinical samples (Biology)
    • Dedicated glycoanalytical laboratories in industry and academia (Technology)
    • Experience in exploiting and developing novel techniques (Application)
    • Bioinformatic and biostatistical expertise (Bioinformatics)

To operate between research teams and across disciplines will be necessary to solve many of the large life science questions. Therefor, young researchers participating in the GGE network undertake preparations to work in an international and cross-sectorial research environment. Such preparations include training in collaboration and communication as well as 'state of the art' glycobiology techniques and scientific knowledge. The structure of the Initial Training Network ensures interaction between partners and make it possible for the appointed researchers still early in their careers to obtain on site training and supervision at more than one research site within the network. Furthermore, the GGE network provides excellent face-to-face opportunities with experts at the network wide training events organized throughout Europe. In order to ensure that all participants will be a able to follow and comprehend the full content at the network wide training events guided self-studies by eLearning is provided prior each event.

Last update: Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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