Joined efforts to fight gastric cancer

Why it is important
Gastric cancer is one of the most lethal cancers. The Gastric Glyco Explorer (GGE) network will add to the fight against gastric cancer by providing more clues to the questions: Who will develop cancer? What can new cancer therapies attack? Why will the new treatment strategies work better than the old treatment?

What we do
The GGE network wishes to establish a platform of glycobiology research in order to use combined efforts to analyze gastric cancer from a glycobiological point of view.

1) Treatment of Gastric Cancer
Glycoproteins as potential drug targets, development of glycoprototypes

2) Detection and Diagnostics of Gastric Cancer
Glycoproteins as biomarkers, development of novel analytical techniques

3) Data simulations, proof of concept of molecular events in Gastric Cancer
Glycobioinformatics as source, development of databases for proof of concept simulations

Who we are
GGE is an EU-funded initial training network for young talented researchers that want to develop a career within science. At the moment 13 ambitious persons are positioned at key research sites within glycobiology throughout Europe. The young researchers here have the opportunity to enrich their skills through hands-on experimental training and supervision from renowned scientist within the glycobiology field. During three years of training each young researcher will gain international experience by participating in transnational lab rotations, workshops and conferences organized among the six collaborating European countries.


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  • Nov 9 2016
    New bioinformatics tool.
    Partner UGOT and SIB launches Unicarb-DB,
    the first database that stores, integrates and processes data from manually annotated mass spectra.
  • Oct 19 2016
    Two new publications.
    Both in Methods Mol Biol;
    Glycobioinformatic tools
    High-throughput analysis of N-glycans
  • Oct 18 2016
    New member
    Coralie Williams,
    welcome to the GGE team. Coralie Williams is recruited as an ESR to join partner Ariana.
  • Oct 6 2016
    Publications by GGE network members for this year has reached double figures. The latest on Mirage Guidelines published in Glycobiology.
  • Mar 9 2016
    Publication by GGE network members in Frontiers in Oncology, Glycomic Approaches for the Discovery of Targets in Gastrointestinal Cancer. Article
  • Dec 22 2015
    Collaborative GGE network publication in Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, Glycomic analysis of gastric carcinoma cells discloses glycans as modulators of RON receptor tyrosine kinase activation in cancer. Article
  • Sep 4 2015
    Publication by GGE network members in Integrative Biology, Automated, high-throughput serum glycoprofiling platform. Article
  • Aug 26 2015
    Publication by GGE network members in Nature Reviews, Glycosylation in cancer: mechanisms and clinical implications.Article
  • Aug 4 2015
    GGE network members presenting data at Glyco23, 23rd INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON GLYCOCONJUGATES.Talks
  • Jun 1 2015
    One month on the GGE project. Welcome Dr. Qiujin Shen new ER who joined partner 9 May 1st.
  • Mar 18 2015
    GGE in the RoadMap describing glycoscience research activity within Europe
    Roadmap for Glycoscience in Europe
  • Mar 9 2015
    GGE in the news
    Sahlgrenska Science Park
    Interview with ESR Yolanda Mthembu
  • Jan 7 2015
    New member
    Dr. Karol Polom,
    welcome to the GGE team. Dr. Karol Polom is recruited as an ER to join partner 8.
  • Oct 24 2014
    Research by GGE partners one and two
    At the cover of Global Medical Discovery
  • Oct 23 2014
    Honorary doctorate lecture by Prof Pauline Rudd (NIBRT), Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Sept 15-19 2014 Recombinant Glycoprotein workshop, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Aug 4-6 2014 Complementary skills I workshop, NIBRT, Ireland
  • May 12-16 2014 Glycobioinformatics workshop, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Nov 25-29 2013 GlycoAnalytics Workshop, NIBRT, Ireland
  • August 2013 S&T Advisory Board Meeting
  • Thursday June 27 GGE now on LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Friday May 24 Kickoff meeting in Göteborg

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